Wine & Wanderlust

This blog is about traveling; to far away lands and hometown hideaways. It’s about eating; my rendition of my mother’s spaghetti, that new Korean place downtown and genuine Italian Gelato in Firenze. This blog is about adventure, experiences and getting out of my comfort zone. It’s about people. It’s about gathering around tables; farm tables, banquet tables, bar tables and round tables. It’s about voyages, journeys, explorations. It’s about wine and wanderlust. I was born with a sickness making airplane terminals and train stations paradise, travel size shampoos my drug of choice and limited funds my kryptonite. I’m most at home when I’m out discovering all the beauty this crazy world has to offer. I will take you along on my every adventure here, in my little corner of the web, and my hope is my journey might inspire YOU to leap out of your comfort zone and hit the road.

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